University of the Sunshine Coast Aquatic Recovery Centre

The Project involved the Design & Construct of a new 25m heated recovery pool with 2 plunge pools, one heat recovery and one cold recovery, along with a Swimex resistance swim machine.

A Dry Land Recovery Area (Gym) was constructed all to aid the recovery of Elite Athletes whether in the Pools or in the Dry Recovery Area.

The main challenge on the project was the control of a natural Spring that had to be managed throughout the Pool build and pumped overland 24/7 until the pool was concreted/tiled and filled of water.

Project Key Points:

  • Underwater Cameras to monitor Recovery
  • Covered Pool with Shade Sail Structure fully Floodlit for night training
  • Swimex machine to strengthen resistance during recovery
  • Specialist flooring to Dry Recovery Area embossed with USC logo’s
  • Specialist Gym equipment to aid the recovery process